Saturday, September 19, 2009

Why Ewen Chia - Has Joined The GVO Prelaunch!

Ewen Chia, the world's #1 Super Affiliate, has joined our team and we have no doubt he'll be our top performer and an authority in this industry!

Why would someone like Ewen join the GVO Prelaunch? Because he realizes the great value in having all your marketing tools in one place - at one great price. And he sees the potential to make a great income by being in first in a company that is going to be HUGE!

Check out all the thing GVO offers, and join us in the GVO preluanch! Guarantee your place in a successful company!

Take a look at what you get with GVO: For only $44.95 a month!

Unlimited domain hosting ($40 monthly value)

In-house autoresponder system that rivals Aweber and GetResponse ($20 monthly value)

Easy Video Producer and video hosting ($100 monthly value)
Hot Conference webinars ($100 monthly value)

Join Our Team And We'll Help You Build Your Downline

This Is NOT Just "Another Opportunity!"

To put money in your pocket fast we pay a very healthy 50% commission on the first month of all your enrollees.

So let's say you signup 10 people in one month, you would get 50% commission on those people.
It's a 2x10 matrix. So you make 5% per month on 10 levels! A full matrix of 2046 people will earn you over $4,600 - even if you refer NOBODY.

But it gets even better because you will also get a matching check bonus of 20% on your personal referrals down 10 levels! It's like a second tier...

So let's say you have 4 referrals all making around $5000 a month. You would get your regular commission check of $4,600 plus an additional $4000 a month in referral bonuses!

This is a chance to get in on the Ground Floor, and the best part is... it only costs $1.00 for a 14 day free trial!!

Don't let this be another opportunity that passes you by!
Jump in today for only $1.00.....

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