Saturday, September 12, 2009

You Have Never Seen A Business Like This Before!

This is all *insider* information (for real, and no hype).

It has been a partially well-kept secret that Kiosk is
relaunching it's hosting service, and wrapping in 3+ other
services in September, under the GVO name.

It's an all-in-one service that we would normally promote anyway:
Kiosk Hosting, Autoresponder, Easy Video Producer Video service,
and Hot Conference. This is Filsaime's, Cheney's, Frank Bauer's
hosting company (and most of the big boys).

Like before this will have a viral component, where the emphasis
IS on the product, and NOT the opportunity, BUT there will be
money to be made for anyone who gets in early.

That is because of the 2x10 matrix. Lots of potential residual.
It only costs a dollar to sign up at this time to lock in a
place, here at the top. (nice for a change, eh? to be in at
the onset of one of these?)

I already had $170 in residual income from ONE day
BEFORE I even promoted because I got in at the top!


If you get in under me, you could get massive spillover from
Todd Gross, Mark and Joel and ME!

Filsaime and the others will promote in September but only two
others got early links in June, and now two friends of MINE,
Mark and Ken are working with GVO's Joel Therien.

Mark and Ken and Joel (and his partner Mike) they have gotten us
in "at the top", and placed us strategically in a perfect position.

This is kind of like insider trading but it IS legal.

Even if you are using Kiosk now, it is recommended you join with
this link to secure placement near the top of this launch. (Email
me if that is the case so I can hook you up with Mark)

Here's the link:

Join Our Team - And Let Us Help Build Your Downline!

Like Kiosk, it is expected that folks who sign up will have
a very long longevity with this system. When you promote it,
and get sign-ups of folks that want the family of services,
they are really locked down for a good long while, great for

Imagine if your subscribers were on this plan... how many would
quit if they had their leads in the autoresponder and all of
their websites on the server? Not many.

Right place, right time.

There has already been "spillover" in just the few hours
this has been around. If you don't know what spillover is,
use your imagination, it is just what it sounds like
(top down).

Todd Gross, Ken Reno, Odinn Sorenson, Steve Yakim, Micheal Savoie,
Jeff Davis, Mark Lareau, Keith Carberry,and so many brilliant
marketers have just signed on in the past few hours.

Again, here is the "literal" insider $1 link to secure your
place, you'll be able to see your downline grow before this
even launches.

Don't Miss Out - Sometimes You Are Just In The Right Place At the Right Time!

Join Our Team And We'll Help You Build Your Downline

Click here to visit Kiosk now!

"I have 194 affiliates. Not totally sure I understand the payout, but looks pretty damn impressive!"
~Terry Jett

"I signed up yesterday and here's what I have 30 affiliates so far"
~Ed Short

"As of first 24 hours of promotion, I have 127 direct sign ups."

"There are 17 names and e mails under where it says your sponsor list."
~David Foley

"Good timing, I was just checking out my GVO, I signed up less than 2 days ago... I was pretty pleased that I have 6 in spillover and my levels 1 and 2 are full!"
~Carina MacInnes

"I have my first three levels filled - all from spill over - in less than 24 hours."
~John Smiley

"I just signed up and it's showing 7 under me already, now I can promote!"
~Brian Dew

"I have 12 folks under me already. Haven't promoted until a few minutes ago and have 2 personal referrals already! Looking forward to using this service and making money with it!"
~Mark Krusch

"I signed up under Derrick, and literally had 16 signups within 15 minutes. I thought there must be some kind of error as it seemed like I got the signups too fast! That is cool. :o)"
~Rob Bish

"My Downline Tree at 03:53 GMT Sunday 22 August reads 10 affiliates."
~Mike Larter

"I have 8 in my downline since signing up under you 24 hrs ago."
~Kevin Thompson

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